Our No Surprises Order Terms & Conditions

At 2impress, we truly do try to impress you.  We make every effort to accurately represent the products we sell so that you are delighted when you receive them.  There are, however, things beyond our control that are nonetheless standard in the apparel and promotional products industries.  These things include, but are not limited to, size differences, color variances, and print limitations.  We do our best to inform you of these instances when they apply, but in case we miss something, please review these terms and conditions for additional information including the governing law of all sales from 2impress.  Should you have questions on anything, do not hesitate to give us a call.  

General Terms

The terms and conditions stated herein shall govern all sales of products by 2impress (dba my2impress), regardless of the terms and conditions stated in any purchasing order or document, including email, submitted by the buyer ("Buyer").  2impress hereby disclaims and rejects any terms and conditions appearing in a purchase order or document from Buyer that are in addition to, or inconsistent with, the terms and conditions stated herein.  Any such additional or inconsistent terms and conditions shall not be a part of the order agreement ("Agreement") and shall not be binding to 2impress.  In proceeding with the Agreement to purchase goods from 2impress, Buyer implicitly accepts these terms.


We realize that selecting the perfect size online can be tricky.  Every effort is made to accurately represent the size of every product we sell.  Sizes, especially garment sizes, vary from brand to brand and style to style.  As such 2impress can not, and does not, guarantee that the actual size will exactly match any stated sizes in our marketing materials or on the manufacturer provided specification sheets.  

We highly recommend reviewing the product spec sheets provided on each product page and comparing the measurements to a comparable garment you may own.  You may also order fit samples to try on before opening your store. You are also welcome to visit our physical store location to request a sizing sample.  However please note, due to the large variety of brands and styles we offer, we do not always have samples of the exact items in stock.  Because each and every item we produce is custom made per order, we can not accept returns or exchanges for items produced as ordered.  Please contact us with questions on sizing.    In addition, 2impress is not liable for shrinkage or distortion to garments after shipment caused by washing, drying, or other factors out of our control.  


We try our best to inspect each item as it is being decorated and packaged but sometimes defects in garments can be missed.  If you find a defect in the garment we will either remake the item if it is reported to us within 5 working days of the order delivery date, or issue a refund.  Defects do not include sizing inconsistencies or dye lot inconsistencies as these are normal in the apparel industry.

Packaging errors

If we make a mistake in packaging your order: wrong size, wrong garment, misspelled name, etc. we will correct the mistake by repairing, refunding, or replacing the garment in question. The mistake must be reported within 5 working days of the order delivery date in order to receive a remake, otherwise you will receive a refund.  


We guarantee to ship your order on time barring unforeseen events that are out of our control, such as natural disasters, government restrictions, etc.  However, we cannot guarantee the delivery of the item on a certain date as that is dependent on the carrier.  We are not liable for shipping delays or errors resulting from carrier errors, weather, unforeseen events, or other events out of our control.  

Product Availability
A product being shown on our website, in our catalog, or in any of our marketing materials, does not guarantee availability at the time of an order.  Every order 2impress produces or sells is custom.  As such, 2impress orders product and materials "on demand" and stock levels continuously vary at our suppliers.  If a product Buyer has ordered becomes unavailable at the time of order, in order to ensure the remainder of the webstore order can be produced on time, 2impress will refund the Buyer.  We do not "hold" orders until items come back into stock, as that may not be known.
Production Lead Time
Production lead time is clearly stated on the home page of each webstore.  Production lead time is the amount of time it takes to produce and ship an order and is not to be construed as a delivery "in-hands" date.  Delivery date after shipment depends on shipping method chosen and carrier selected.  2impress is not liable for late shipments due to freight carrier errors, weather delays, labor strikes, or other conditions out of our control.
2impress offers free artwork services included with every order as outlined in our Artwork Guidelines.  Due to the free nature of the service, any original print-ready artwork that is created by 2impress remains the property of 2impress until such time as Buyer pays the optional service fee as determined by 2impress.  Original artwork submitted by Buyer remains the property of Buyer and 2impress will send back to Buyer at no charge upon request.  Due to varying computer monitor/screen resolutions, artwork colors seen on a computer screen may vary from the actual artwork colors used during production.  This is normal and unavoidable and not considered a defect or error.
Product and Ink Colors
2impress makes every effort to accurately reflect product and ink colors in all our marketing materials.  2impress will also try to match PMS print numbers if one is provided at the time of order (additional charges may apply). However, due to varying computer monitor resolutions, different paper stocks, printing processes, and other factors beyond our control, 2impress can not, and does not, guarantee that any color shown in our, or our suppliers', marketing materials, including artwork proofs sent for approval, will be an exact match for any stated or implied PMS color.  IN ADDITION, due to the fact that the products and inks 2impress uses vary in color from manufacturer to manufacturer, brand to brand, and even from lot to lot, 2impress can not, and does not, guarantee any exact color matches, even on reorders of the same item.  Furthermore, 2impress is not liable for fading or discoloration after shipment caused by washing, drying, bleach or other chemicals, or other factors out of our control.
Product Care
Due to the inherent nature of most custom printed products, care must be taken when handling and washing the items to ensure long-lasting life of the printed/decorated image.  Care instructions are available for most items and are available upon request.  2impress is not liable for damage to custom printed products caused by the Buyer due to normal wear and tear, improper care, or other factors out of our control.
Shipping charges are not included in our published pricing.  Shipping charges are calculated based on the actual weight, distance traveled, declared value and type of shipping service Buyer specifies.  Shipping charges for web orders are calculated and paid by Buyer at time of order.  2impress is not liable for any damages to products during shipping.  All damage claims should be filed with the respective freight carrier.
Any applicable taxes are not included in any published pricing, but will be charged at the time of order according to current tax laws and rates where applicable.  
Intended Use
2impress is not liable for injury or damage sustained or caused by Buyer due to use inconsistent with the intended use of the products.
Errors or Omissions
Errors or omissions on any 2impress marketing materials, quotations, artwork approvals, order confirmations or any other document shall be subject to correction at the discretion of 2impress.
Orders canceled prior to the order being placed into production (before webstore close date) will not incur cancellation charges.  Cancellations of orders in production (after store close date) are not accepted unless approved by 2impress due to extenuating circumstances and on terms which indemnify 2impress against loss.  Buyer agrees that by canceling the order that Buyer is subject to cancellation charges up to or equal to the entire cost of the order.
Payment Terms
Payment for orders is due at time of order. All payments shall be made in US Dollars and payable to 2impress.
Governing Law
Wisconsin law, excluding its choice of law rules, shall be controlling for all purposes regarding any claim or dispute between Buyer and 2impress.  The sole and exclusive forum for any action commenced by Buyer shall be in a state or federal court in Wisconsin.
Attorney's Fees
If 2impress is the prevailing party in any suit or other legal proceeding between Buyer and 2impress, 2impress shall be entitled to its reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred therein.